Snapseed - Useful looks

Snapseed - Useful looks

Snapseed has a lot of useful processes that can be applied to your image, but sometimes you just want to repeat the same things on a set of images (with/without tweaking the settings a little to suit the image). That's where "looks" (or styles) come in - they are bundles of actions with the settings pre-defined that can be applied in a single tap.

Even better these bundles can be shared with other people so that they don't have to figure them out for themselves. The process for importing these is a little obscure, & actually requires you to use an image as the starting point & the "icon" for the style/look when you save it.

Open Snapseed, then open an image. As soon as you have done that hit the icon with the layers & the curved arrow, at the top of the screen. That brings up the view of the tools/processes applied, as well as the "QR look..." option right at the bottom of the menu. Tap that & you'll be able to choose "Scan QR look" - which will let you import a batch of tool processes & settings & immediately apply them to your image. Tweak if need be (same icon at the top, View edits, select an edit process & then adjust to suit).
Once you have got a style that you like then scroll all the way to the right of the style choser carousel & tap the "+" button. Name the style & save it, so that you can pick & apply it as a single tap (from the list of styles) for future images.

If you want to edit a style then you are rather limited - you'll have to apply it to an image,save that as a (new) style & then hit the "..." at the end of the style selection carousel in order to use the delete icon on your old version of the style (unless you want to keep that one too, of course). You can rename styles from here too.

Base image

It's hard to tell from a lot of the shared "looks" what exactly the end result will be.
Not that you are restricted to the settings that you download! You might want to download a look to be able to see how it was achieved, or as a basis for something that would suit you better.
That said, here's a simple image with some large areas of colour, some details & places where the contrast in light & dark areas offers some opportunity to show how these are handled.
Each image after this one will be the same thing, with the named "look" applied. Followed by the QR code that goes with that look.
Not all of them will work great on this image (the Fireworks "look" is intended for exactly that for example!)

Basic Start

Bright Grey



Mono Dream



Old Black & White

Top Vignette


Cartoonish 2

Cartoonish 3