Self Hosting


The intention is to put this "out there" so that people can copy/use my settings, as well as to act as a resource for me, for when the inevitable reinstall happens. Some of this won't be of direct use, some could be copied & implemented without needing to change anything. YMMV!

This page is supposed to be a summary of what's available. It will grow a bit with time, as I add things I've forgotten!


  • Router
    Nothing special! In fact it's only role in the setup is to forward some ports
    * TCP 80 & 443 for access to the web services
    * UDP 1194 is the default for OpenVPN
    * UDP 51820 is the default for Wireguard
  • Raspberry Pi 3b
    Booting from a USB drive (less fragile than an SD card)
    Uses the Hypriot image (docker all set up & ready) as the base system
    Brief additional setup details (external drive & samba)
  • Odroid XU4
    This boots from a 32Gb EMMC, which was a bit of a PITA to set up (get the official reader if you order one!).
    Runs Armbian, which makes installing some of the software much easier (via Softy)

Static IP addresses (LAN)

  • Setup is outside of scope for here. Either use your router to reserve the IP addresses for your server(s), or set them up using one of the guides (which can be OS specific) on the internet.
    Beware the older ones for the Raspberry Pi. It's stopped using dhclient.


I have a domain (you can guess what it's called 😊). This doesn't do dynamic DNS itself


  • Installing


  • Installing
  • Setting Up



 Portainer - for managing docker images & containers







Web Services






 Yourls (discarded)

 Etherpad (discarded)



This runs in Nodered, so you'll need that.
Also needs incron for some functions

Get a bot

Get ChatId

Telegrambot setup

Access control
 * Design
 * Setup

















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